Hey LJ! Yeah, so a couple of my good peeps got back on here! Gonna update more, but for now have some fan stuff:

Almost through three seasons of Metalocalypse. This show has all the elements needed to get me obsessing over a fandom! AND the fan base seems to consist of some creative/badass people.

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Making Xmas mixes!

I'm putting together some Christmas mixes to give as presents this year and WOW there is a lot of xmas music out there. Even Lady Gaga has a xmas song!
Okay so I'm thinking I'll do like this:
A pop mix
A techno/remix mix
A lounge mix

Can anyone recommend some good/funky holiday music?
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Editing my paper on yaoi leads to hilarity

Okay so I'm writing this huge paper on yaoi and slash for my final in Women Gender and Sexuality Studies. Just now got to reading back through and editing...leading to the discovery of hilarious typos such as:

"a queer who likes the yaoi" (haha yeah that's me) and "takes the roll of the uke." (and ATE it!) Have some LOLz from my dyslexia...XD

Some stuff to look at...

What inspired me to post today was reading about this cool little chick Willow Smith--Will and Jada Smith's daughter. She really looks like Will!

Also I was turned on to this mash-up group Girl Talk last week. It's worth getting your hands on the entire album-- It's provided me with hours of energetic work music over the past week.

Speaking of work, I've been writing and drawing like crazy. The next couple weeks should deliver huge pay-off for me getting several large projects completed!

Oh, and ALSO I just can't get my mind off Yoshinaga Fumi's Ooku which I finally got to read at my sisters house over Thanksgiving break.

SPEAKING OF STUFF I WANT TO READ... Haha I know it's shameless but...

Yeah uhm...

It looks fucking rad!

Aaaaand the dub is going to be done by THEM! The actors!! Wonder if they'll be able to get some of the other characters original voices too...
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I've been on this Avenged Sevenfold kick long enough to to safely make it official. They're freakin adorable with just the right parts trash and talent. This shit hits the spot!!

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